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The primary cause of all planetary problems is the shortage of lack of ethical  leaders, men and women capable of approaching business and politics as if they were serving a mission, a sacred duty.

A Dream for the World advances a solution for the planet based on Integrity as the central quality of the leadership of the future. While ethics changes in time and space, Integrity is immutable and brings together the universal principles of moral behaviour.

I believe that it is possible to have a peaceful world, to turn mortal enemies into friends, to provide jobs for all. I believe that the planet has all the resources to defeat poverty and illiteracy. We need to chose and educate a new generation of leaders capable to harmonize business and ethics, financial power and love.

The book affirms that ethical leadership can be victorious in real business. In a compelling and inspiring style, it tells the true story of a sideshow company that has been turned into a multibillion-dollar multinational by a man of integrity believing that business can be both ethical and successful.

There is a cause-effect relationship between inner life and external world,between timeless and time.
Be timeless, Be sine die