Beyond Happiness Seminars Trilogy

From lead to gold

A three days seminar about Happiness and Freedom

We talk about happiness, we look for it and strive for it throughout our entire life without ever finding it, and without even suspecting that there is something that comes before it, a sine qua non condition to fulfil. The purpose of the Trilogy, the three days Seminar, is to realize that instead of searching for happiness, be in quest of it, we must discover what is preventing us from being happy, what are the obstacles we have to remove.

Dare to Be Free

The Trilogy Seminar is a discovery journey inside yourself with the aim to flush out the three main obstacles to happiness and freedom, the three protons that weight you down:

Day ONE – First Proton to get rid of: Fear and negative emotions. The Seminar will deal with Fear of unknown, fear of the Antagonist, fear of obstacles and limits, fear of death. The Syndrome of the Impossible.

Day TWO  – Second Proton to get rid of: Superstitions and false ideas about Time and identification with roles. The participants will receive the Timeless Agenda and Diary and instructions for its use.

Day THREE  – Third Proton to get rid of: Inner conflicts and any sort of division. The Seminar deals with aversions, dislikes, repulsions, phobias and hate. Freedom lies above the opposites. Escape from the opposites. There is a war inside yourself, a fight between yes and no, between belief and doubt, between love and fear that has to subside and come to an end.

There is a cause-effect relationship between inner life and external world,between timeless and time.
Be timeless, Be sine die